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General Chiropractic

Laser’s Edge Chiropractic, With Three Locations in the GTA

Looking for a chiropractor to fix your back pain issue in Scarborough, Toronto or Keswick? At Laser’s Edge Chiropractic, our doctors are certified in instrument adjusting and hands-on treatment. We often see some of the worst cases. These are people suffering from damaged nerve, muscle or connective tissue.

Therapies That Are Targeted at Your Specific Issue

Our goal at Laser’s Edge Chiropractic is to resolve your issue completely, if possible, so you won’t have to return over and over again. With our therapies specifically targeted at your particular issue, you can trust that we’ll be able to handle even the most difficult cases. Our techniques include but aren’t limited to:

  • Rehabilitative exercise

  • Active Release Technique

  • Strength training

  • Neuromechanical Impulse Adjusting

  • Diversified adjusting

  • Low Intensity Laser Therapy

  • Needle and laser acupuncture

  • Veterinary chiropractic

  • Cranial Adjusting Turner Style

Treatments Tailored Precisely to You

At Laser’s Edge Chiropractic, our techniques differ as widely as our patients and their problems do. You can always trust that our caring doctors know exactly what will help your particular situation; from a slow constant pressure to a high impulse thrust. Our precision whether they involve an instrument or are hands-on can fit your age, size and health issues.

Age Doesn’t Matter

And speaking of age, anyone at any age can benefit from general chiropractic. At Laser’s Edge Chiropractic, we adjust newborns, young children, senior citizens and even post-back-surgery patients. Most of our patients tell us that after a general chiropractic treatment they immediately feel better.

Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.)

Head injuries can lead to headaches, emotional irregularities and even memory lapses. In some cases they can lead to temporary unconsciousness too. The cranial subluxations that are caused by a head injury, if not corrected, can lead to the persistence of symptoms and become chronic and in some cases even life threatening.

Cranial Adjusting Turner Style (C.A.T.S.), a chiropractic technique first introduced in 1979 is a concept that uses the ability of the scull bones to move

and bend, It can be used to treat:

  • Learning disabilities

  • Head injuries

  • Chronic headaches

  • Post-concussion syndromes

iQ® Instrument Adjusting

IQ INSTRUMENT ADJUSTING | Laser's Edge Chiropractic

Dr. Prendergast, is a certified iQ® instrument adjuster. The Impulse iQ® adjusting instrument is a device which, when applied to the dysfunctional area, thrusts at the ideal frequency to maximize motion and give relief to the patient. Here are the various ailments and injuries that can be treated.

  • Back/neck pain

  • Herniated discs

  • Sports injuries

  • Workplace injuries

  • Strains and sprains

  • Migraines

  • Cervicogenic headaches

  • Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

  • Degenerative disc disease

  • Sciatica

  • Whiplash

  • Pain from repetitive tasks

  • And more

Infantile Colic

Colic in infants can be very difficult to handle for both baby and parents Dr. Prendergast uses a very gentle Danish chiropractic method for relief of colic in infants. It has a very high success rate usually in one or two treatments, and he will teach you how to do it yourself at home, so that you and your baby can get some sleep.

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Don’t forget, Laser’s Edge Chiropractic can also offer orthotics for foot, knee and hip pain. They will help enhance alignment in the whole body. Call us or text us to start the process of ridding yourselves of pain and problems, and we’ll schedule a consultation or an examination to see if our technique is right for you.

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Our chiropractic services have helped solve various ailments and health conditions.

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